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Have you ever had an itch you just couldn't scratch

This may sound crazy, but it's just like billing and stable management.  There are a few software programs out there, but they are difficult to operate and navigate and just don't scratch the itch.  You put in all your information and then your computer crashes.  With our system, your information is automatically backed-up and stored off your computer where it is always safe and easily accessible from any internet-based computer.  Our system offers you- Freedom: freedom from tiresome bookwork, freedom from disorganized records, freedom from hours at your desk. This system gives you relief from the most boring, tedious part of the stable management industry- bookwork.   

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You owe it to yourself to see what's available, and discover how it brought sanity back to our business.


    I LOVE THIS SYSTEM!!! It takes our old computer longer to boot up than it takes for me to bill my clients!  Thank you for this well thought-out program.Sincerely,Meggan HollowayHolloway's Pretty Good Horse Barn

The Barn Managers Dream - Sanity

         The Barn Managers Dream
  You might be wondering how this system can bring Sanity to your business.

  Sureshod® Stable Managment Systems . . .
     neatly and precisely organize your client and horse data.
     -  keep track of communications to help eliminate the He Said, She Said.
     -  save you hours at your desk with our easy-to-use 10 minute billing system.  
     -  give you a self-editing website that does not require a phone call to a webmaster.
     -  give you friendly reminders of important details on specific horses and clients.
     -  are detailed and your data is easily accessible through four main web pages.
     -  allow you to accept credit cards without a costly gateway account.
     -  give you website hosting, free e-mails and data backups at no additional charge. 

Is It Affordable

    Yes! F
or as little as $19.99/mo you can have an online stable management system and customizable website that you can access and control from anywhere in the world.    

   Here are just a few highlights; check out the video demonstrations to see more:

      1.  Detailed Client and Horse Records.Marketing Demonstration
      2.  10 Minute Billing.                                                                                                 
      3.  Accept Credit Cards with PayPal.                                                            
      4.  Detailed Client Communication Records.
      5.  Horse Notes and Photo Records.  Management Demonstration
      6.  Completely Customizable Website. 
      7.  Create and Update Webpages, Colors and Layouts - No developer needed.
      8.  Facility locator via Google Maps.
      9.  Detailed Google Analytics to track and evaluate your advertising and website statistics.  
     10. Incorporate YouTube videos to help market your horses for sale.        

There's So Much More!                                                                                                

What's In A Name

   Sureshod®, it makes you immediately think of horseshoeing . . . No Hoof, No Horse.  That is exactly what I was taught in horseshoeing school.  You might ask, but how does that apply to stable management?  Well, quite simply, as important as the hoof is to the horse so also is your business management to your business.   Without either, it's difficult to compete in a competitive market! 

No Hoof, No Horse   No System, No Sanity

How we keep your data safe:

   This system utilizes the internet so that your clients and their information are easily accessible from any computer anywhere in the world.   This completely eliminates the stress involved in keeping your data safe on a personal computer.  If your computer crashes, your information is right where you left it.

   We offer a state-of-the-art data retention and storage system that eliminates the possibility of data loss through redundancy.  The first layer of protection is a mirrored data storage system that consistently backs up your data on a moment-by-moment basis.  To explain further, one server watches and records the other; in the event of an emergency, the other server is brought online and service is uninterrupted.  To further protect your data, those servers are backed-up to safeguard your data from potential loss. 

   We have selected The Planet as our data storage company.  They currently manage over 180,000 sq. ft. of raised floor data centers in eight facilities across North America and Europe.  This guarantees maximum uptime and peak efficiency.  Data centers are regularly and independently audited to comply with industry best-practice standards, such as SAS 70 Type II.  Each center is secure and monitored 24/7 with climate control, redundant power supplies and advanced fire suppression systems. 

   The Planet is a member of the Uptime Institute to deliver unmatched network speed and capacity which eliminates bandwidth traffic jams and roadblocks to assure instantaneous response to your systems.   By using multiple Tier 1 telecom providers including AT&T, NTT and AboveNet, The Planet provides global reach and lower latency by removing network bottlenecks for your data access and storage. 

   Please visit The Planet to see more detailed information about data storage and protection.

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I lift up my eyes to the hills.  Where does my help come from?  My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot slip.  He who watches over you will not slumber.  Psalm 121: 1-3


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