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   We have created multiple video demonstrations to visually explain how the stable management system works.  Click either of the buttons below to watch a demonstration.  To explore a functioning marketing and managment system, click on the button above and then follow the login instructions.  If you have additional questions about how to use the system, click on the questions button at the bottom of this page or phone us at 406-763-3701.

The Sureshod® Stable Management System is totally revolutionary. I am amazed at the level of control now available to horse businesses. The attention to detail is amazing. Billing, Communication, Marketing and Client Relations are all addressed in an easy to use system that practically eliminates your time in the office giving you more time in the saddle. As a former barn manager, you owe it to your business to check out this system and see how it can cut your paperwork in half.

Stan Loewen
2009 CHA Clinician of the Year

View the Sureshod Stable Management System Overview

Tools For Success
                                       Marketing Tools 
                                       Marketing Demonstration
                                    Watch individual chapters:
                                               1. Intro to Marketing Site
                                               2. Setup Wizard
                                               3. Peripheral Accounts
                                               4. Testimonials
                                               5. Site Page Management
                                               6.  Closing          
                                                                     Tools To Take You To The Top! 
            Management Tools

     Management Demonstration                                                     
          Watch individual chapters:
          1. Intro to Management Site
          2. Client Information, Part 1
          3. Client Information, Part 2
          4. Horse Information, Part 1                                      
          5. Horse Information, Part 2               
          6. Invoices & Billing                                                       
          7. Communication Record
          8. Closing                                                                               

Live System Demonstration

    We have created a demonstration model of how an operational system might look.  All of the features are functional; try them out!  If you have a question, please contact us here; information sent throught the demonstration system will not reach us.  This system automatically resets itself every hour; feel free to explore the system and discover how detailed, yet simple, it is to operate.  
Marketing Site: This link will take you to what a prospective client might see when accessing your website. 
Management Site:  This link will take you to the managment system where you can try out such features as Billing, Communication, Client and Horse Information, and more!

Password:  password

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